Getting Started in E-commerce

As defined, E-commerce or electronic Internet commerce refers to selling and buying of goods and services online.

Here in the Philippines, it is predicted that e-commerce will be the future for every micro, small and mediumsized enterprises (MSMEs) in extending its marketing and retailing scope.

Maybe you are familiar with Lazada and Shopee, as for now, they are both considered one of the giant e-commerce companies here in the Philippines. And they are also one of the Online Marketplaces that will allow MSMEs to extend its retailing scope and power. 

Putting your business online

Why should MSMEs establish their online presence? 

According to statistics, as of first quarter of this year 2018, the total number of active internet users in the Philippines is 67 million or 63%  of its total population which is 105.7 million and 40% of that actually purchased a product or services online regularly and it is still growing up to date.

That’s enough reason to take the advantage of having the opportunity to put your business online. 

Platforms to get your business online

*Social Media Channels (Facebook Pages, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more)

*Classified (, Buy&Sellph, and more)

*Listing (, Google Mybusiness, YellowPages Ph and more)

*E-Commerce Marketplaces(Shopee, Lazada, Facebook Marketplace) 

Of all the listed platforms above, the E-commerce Marketplace has the huge advantage. Since, it offers all the tools to MSMEs to extend its marketing and retailing scope.

E-commerce Marketplace Benefits

  1. Unlimited Additional Sales Channel
  2. Reduced Online Setup and Marketing costs (Since marketplace is an independent complete e-commerce platform) 
  3. Provides level of trust (Marketplaces requires verification and validation for both sellers and customers)
  4. Online payments are accessible including cross-border payments
  5. Lots of Delivery and Fulfillment options
  6. Online B2B opportunities
  7. And more.

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